Alabama Department of Labor

Elevator Safety

It is said by many that “the elevator industry has its ups and downs”. Hopefully, uneventful ups and downs. In its 2003 regular session, the State Legislature added Alabama to the growing list of states requiring an elevator safety inspection program to help assure just that.

The legislation (Act No. 2003-349) mandates all elevators other than those located in industrial facilities that are not accessed by the general public, be inspected annually and that inspections be made on elevators under construction to make sure they are properly installed and maintained. In addition to overseeing safety inspections, the Department is also required to keep accident reports and license persons who are engaged in construction, repair and dismantling of elevators.

The commitment and promotion of elevator safety in the State of Alabama is ensured by a 10-member Elevator Safety Review Board, who are professionals in the elevator industry with regards to manufacturing, design and repair. The board membership consists of the Alabama Secretary of Labor and 9 other board members appointed by the Governor to serve 3-year terms.
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