Alabama Department of Labor

Services Provided by Workers' Compensation

The following services are provided by the Workers' Compensation Division to better serve Alabama employers:

  • Brochures on the benefits of the Ombudsman Program, and on Workers' Compensation insurance coverage for employers.
  • 1-800-528-5166 number available for assistance.
  • Third party administrative company information.
  • Ongoing continuing education seminars.
  • Workers' Compensation Posters.
  • Provider fee schedules and negotiated agreements with hospitals.
  • Staff available to explain law and rights that pertain to employers, employees, and carriers.
  • ORDER FORM: Form to order WC Books, Rules and Schedules.

For further information on these services, contact the Workers' Compensation Division at (334) 956-4044 or 1-800-528-5166.