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Unemployment Compensation

Welcome to the Unemployment Compensation (UC) Division. The information provided here should assist you in understanding many of the services we provide.

The UC program is complex and it varies in operational procedures from state to state. The information provided here applies primarily to claims and employment based on the situation in Alabama. more information

Department Information

Benefit Rights and Responsibilities

A handbook for Alabama Unemployment Compensation claimants (pdf document).

Employer Information

General and technical information for employers.

Report UC Tax Fraud

Report UC tax fraud (being paid cash or receiving a 1099).

Alabama UC Partials

Information on a filing system for employer filed electronic claims hereafter referred to as partials. This page contains information on filing UC Partials, quick facts, filing requirements and a list of frequently asked questions.

Child Labor

Information about Child Labor law, frequently asked questions, and other sites of interest.

File UC Claim

Unemployed workers file a new claim or weekly certifications or obtain information on your claim.


Press Releases, Forms, Posters, Legal Codes and other documents of interest.

Information & Resources

Claims and Benefits FAQ

General information on filing a claim, benefit amount, work in another State, avoiding problems, prior military, TRA, etc.

ALHCTC - Health Coverage Tax Credit

The IRS administers the Health Coverage Tax Credit, which is designed to help pay 80% of your eligible health care premium. Several states have been awarded money to assist you with the advance payment program. Alabama has partnered with the State of Maryland to bring this program to Alabama. Because enrolling with the IRS can take some time, ALHCTC is able to step in and help you with your premium while you complete your Federal HCTC enrollment.

Miscellaneous Information FAQ

General information on overpayments, lost/stolen debit cards, requesting replacement 1099, withholding Federal Tax, fraud, reporting fraud, etc.

UC Telephone Numbers for Claimants

Important Phone Numbers for Unemployment Claimants.

Field Tax Service Providers

Information about local UC tax service providers including addresses and phone numbers.

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Information about the Alabama Unemployment Compensation Debit Mastercard, the safe and easy way to receive your payments.

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