Alabama Department of Labor


How do I get a job with Alabama Department of Labor?

  • Please visit State Personnel website at to fill out an application, or call (334) 242-3389.

How do I find out what job openings are available at Alabama Department of Labor?

  • Please contact State Personnel at (334) 242-3389 or visit their website at for current job listings.

What if I have questions about child support or any social service benefit?

  • Please contact the Department of Human Resources at (334) 242-1310.

What if I am calling from an attorney's office requesting Employment Verification to place a lien on someone's property or garnish someone's wages?

  • Please contact the State Comptroller's Office at (334) 242-7050.

What if I am calling to verify employment and I have written authorization?

  • You may send a fax to the (334) 956-5841.