Alabama Department of Labor

Workers' Compensation Documents

Workers' Compensation Notice
State of Alabama Workers' Compensation Information poster
WC Alabama First Report of Injury Codes
WC Application for Certification for Bill Screening (Form WC 50)
WC Application for Self Insurance (Form WC 18)
WC Assessment Form (Instructions)
WC Assessment Form (WCC10)
For Insurance Companies, Self-Insurers & Group Funds
WC Assessment Form Cover Letter
WC Cause of Injury Codes
WC Claim Summary Form (Form WC 4)
WC Combination Supplementary & Claim Summary Form
Requires Microsoft Word
WC Drug Free Certification of Drug Free Workplace
WC First Report of Injury (WC Form 2 9/2006)
WC First Report of Injury (WC Form 2 Rev. 9/2006) *Requires Microsoft Word
WC NAICS Industry codes
WC Nature of Injury Codes
WC Order Form
WC Part of Body Injury Codes
WC Re-Certification of Drug Free Workplace
WC Supplementary Report (WC Form 3)
Guides and Manuals
Drug Free, Way to Be Guide (WC 80)
Mileage Reimbursement Rate
Mortality Tables
State's Average Weekly Wage
Workers' Compensation Claim Handling Manual
Laws and Legal Codes
Law Regarding Drug Free Workplace Program
Overview Rules of Workers' Compensation Mediation
Rules Regarding Drug Free Workplace Program
Rules Regarding Group Self-Insurance funds
Rules Regarding Self-Insured Employers
Utilization Management and Bill Screening Rules
WC Administrative Code 480-5-7-.01
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