Alabama Department of Labor


New credit card

When did this change occur?
On February 2, 2017. This means that benefit payments issued on or after February 02, 2017 will go to the NEW GREEN card and no longer to the OLD BLUE card.

When will I receive my new AL Vantage Card?
If your new card has not arrived already, you should receive it within 5 to 7 days from the date your next schedule benefit payment is issued. Remember, you should continue to use your old card, if you have one, until that card balance is zero. See below for more details about your continuing to use the old blue card.

How will I know I have received my new card packet?
Your new card packet will arrive U.S. Postal Mail in a standard white envelope reflecting the following return address:
Please notice the out of state address and do not discard.

PO BOX 7239
SIOUX FALLS SD 57117-7329

(Cards are generated from this out of state service provider location)

I have received a new green card but I am not currently filing for unemployment. What should I do?
We made every effort to send new cards to only those who are currently receiving benefits on a debit card. If you are not currently filing for benefits but still received a new card, we recommend keeping the new card for the time being in case you need to file for unemployment again and want to receive benefits on the card. Having the card already will prevent a delay in having to request a replacement card at a later date as new cards are not issued until the original card expires.

When will I receive my first deposit to my new AL Vantage card?
Eligible benefit payments will be deposited to your new card beginning the first week of February, 2017, depending on when you last completed a satisfactory weekly certification or weekly claim.

Should I stop using my Blue AL Vantage card?
. Continue to use your existing blue card to access your funds until the balance is zero. You will continue to receive benefit deposits to your blue card until the end of January. Once deposits are made to your new green card, your old card will remain active for a period of time, yet no further deposits will be made to that card. You should continue to draw down the remaining funds on your old blue card to a zero balance or risk losing those funds. This includes continuing to use the blue card at those familiar or previously used ATM’s where no withdrawal fee was being charged. See additional information about ATM usage and locations using the new green card.

Will I be able to use the new AL Vantage Card the same way I currently use my existing card?
Yes, the new card offers even more ways for you to access without incurring a fee.
  • No Charge for ATM withdrawals at KeyBank and Allpoint ATM’s. See detailed information below on Allpoint ATM’s.
  • Free Point of Sale purchases, with the cashback option (at participating retailers) for PIN based transactions.
  • Unlimited teller withdrawals at any MasterCard member bank (including all KeyBank locations)
  • No Charge to transfer funds to a personal checking or savings account.
  • There is no charge to contact Key2Benefits Customer Support.
  • Free account alerts via text or email.
  • Free automated and live agent customer service balance inquiry.

What ATM’s can I use at no charge?
You may use your new card at any Allpoint ATM Network with 55,000 surcharge-free ATM’s worldwide. Please visit the AllPoint ATM Network website here to find an ATM location near you where you can access your funds at no charge. And for added convenience, a Voice Assistance ATM locator is available by calling 1-800-809-0308, Option 2.

Please see the following fee schedule summary:
How do I contact the new card service provider?
Toll Free: 1-866-295-2955 or