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Report That You Suspect Someone Has Used Your Social Security Number to Work or Claim UI Benefits
Please note this option is for reporting that you did not file a claim yourself and someone has fraudulently filed a claim using your name and social security number. If this is not what you are reporting use the Benefit Fraud & Abuse link.
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We review all tips received, regardless of how much information is provided. However, the more details you can give when reporting unemployment fraud, the better it will help us in our investigation.
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Please review the information you have provided. You may print this page prior to submitting. Once your information has been entered, you may select the "Submit" button to submit your report. This will be routed to the appropriate unit for review. If you do not want to submit your report at this time, you may select "Cancel." If you select "Cancel," your information will not be saved. Any person who knowingly and willfully submits an unlawful report to ADOL which violates state and federal laws, regulations or judicial orders may be subject to fines or imprisonment.
I certify that I did not file or attempt to reopen a claim for unemployment benefits with the information included in this form. I did not certify for unemployment benefits on the claim nor did I receive any funds from the payment of unemployment benefits on the claim. I certify that the information I have reported is true and correct. I understand that if I intentionally make a false statement, misrepresent facts, or conceal material information to obtain benefits, I may be required to repay benefits, charged penalties, and could be subject to criminal prosecution.
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