Alabama Department of Labor

WC Online Payment Options

Law Books    
Copy of the 2014 Edition of the Workers' Compensation Law Book Annotated. This is a reprint of the Code of Alabama, 1975 Section 25-5. $39.00
2018 Alabama Workers' Compensation Maximum Fee Schedules    
PRINTED booklet of Workers' Compensation Fee Schedules for Medical Providers. $40.00
DISCOUNT PACKAGE (Save $15.00) Printed Booklet & Email Format $55.00
E-MAIL COPY of Workers'Compensation Fee Schedules for Medical Providers $30.00

PEO Payment Options

Initial Registrations
Full registration $1000.00
Limited registration $500.00
Renewal Registrations
Full registration $500.00
Limited registration $250.00
Drug-Free Workplace Program
Application Fee $25.00
PEO Penalty/Fines Payment
Penalty/Fines Payment   (Enter the dollar amount only for the Penalty/Fine) $