Alabama New-Hire Electronic Filing System

Welcome to the New-Hire on-line data entry and upload page!

If you are currently registered with the Alabama Department of Labor to file New-Hire reports using any reporting method (such as diskette, magnetic media, or New-Hire forms (NH-1), you can begin by entering your registration information below. If you are not already registered as discussed above, you can register here.

Once you are registered, you will be granted access to submit New-Hire data online.

New-Hire Electronic Options
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Enter your 12 digit New-Hire Registration Number:
(9 digit Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN) plus your 3 digit Alabama New-Hire unit designation. If you do not have a unit designation OR if you do not know your unit designation,. enter 3 zeros.)
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Single and Multiple reporting agencies or employers with multiple FEINs
Enter new hires by completing this on-line data entry form. (Requires registration with Alabama Department of Labor) All employers may enter new hires whether you are a single company or a company that reports New-Hires for multiple (other) companies or if you are an employer reporting hires for multiple FEINs.
Upload an ASCII text file containing your New Hires. (Requires registration with Alabama Department of Labor) Use this form to upload New Hire text files that you are currently submitting electronically via the bulletin board or diskette.
Register with Alabama Department of Labor.
This will return you to the online New-Hire registration form.