Alabama Department of Labor

Governmental Affairs

The Governmental Affairs Division is responsible for serving as the governmental and legislative liaison for the Department with other entities of local, state and federal governments as well as with business and labor groups. This division is also responsible for drafting departmental legislation.

The Alabama Department of Labor works closely with the Alabama Legislature to pass legislation beneficial to the Department and the people of Alabama.

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Board of Appeals

The Board of Appeals is a statutorily created board that reviews and conducts Unemployment Compensation hearings at the highest administrative level.  The Board issues a written decision to all parties involved. These decisions can be appealed to the Circuit Court which holds jurisdiction if either party disagrees with the Board of Appeals.

The Board holds hearings at seven cities around the state on a rotating basis.  The cities in which the hearings are held are: Birmingham, Decatur, Dothan, Oxford, Mobile, Montgomery, and Tuscaloosa. Please call (334) 309-9061 to reach this division.

Governmental Affairs FAQ

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