Alabama Department of Labor

Labor Administrator

Contact: Vivian Handy at

Duties of the Labor Administrator:

  • Plans and directs the internal and external programs necessary to achieve the strategic goals for ADOL.
  • Establishes and administers departmental policies and develops employee procedures to conform with state and federal laws.
  • Maintains and updates master sets of policies and procedures included in the ADOL Handbook, departmental policies and procedures, policy located on the intranet, and training guidelines.
  • Oversees and ensures that goals and outreach services are correctly implemented throughout the department. Coordinates various activities associated with major goals. Supervises and directs training activities.
  • Serves as the overseer of the Equal Employment Opportunity program.
  • Prepares, facilitates, and continuously provide updates throughout the department for the Succession Planning and Cross Training goals strategy.
  • Participates, prepares and coordinate plans for hiring and promotions of applicants into professional level vacancies.
  • Attends training classes and conferences to stay abreast of HR policies, and changes in federal and state laws.